European workshops

A series of four European workshops is arranged by GrowSmarter to showcase the experiences of the Lighthouse Cities in implementing the smart solutions. 

The workshops create a space for peer-to-peer exchange between city counterparts to discuss the opportunities for replication in the local setting and to learn from demonstration and implementation processes in the Lighthouse Cities, the replication process from the Follower Cities and to hear from our industrial partners. 

The next European workshop will take place in Brussels during the European Week of Regions and Cities. Read more and register here.


Coordinated by ICLEI, the second replication workshop to support Graz in accelerating the implementation of smart solutions in the city was held in June 2018. Stockholm, Barcelona and Cologne shared their experience in the different solutions implemented, especially in the areas of big open data platforms, sustainable mobility and energy efficiency. The Workshop had with the participation of more that 30 participants. City hall authorities, private sector and research stakeholders and grow smarter partners. Graz shared their smart city strategy by 2050 and their aim to enhance the sustainability of the city towards improving the quality of live of its citizens.

Solutions discussed in an interactive session where participants identified the challenges key opportunities of the solutions implementation for further replication with success; included:

  • Big open data platforms, as key drivers to address the digital transformation of cities; within their enabling capacity to convert data generated by sensors and city solutions into valuable information for effective planning and decision making. Graz is currently developing its open data platform so the experience of BCN, COL & Stockholm is very good for them.
  • Urban –smart infrastructure. Solutions like smart lighting solutions were discussed too. o Sustainable mobility options, especially to enhance a sustainable delivery of goods and services in the city historic center, considered World Heritage. Graz is evaluating options to enhance sustainable urban freight.
  • District energy solutions, Gray currently gets its energy from a fossil fuel private-owned plant outside the city borders. A transformation of the energy matrix of Graz is needed to enhance the use of new and renewable sources of energy.