Cork's Vision

Cork is a well-connected and dynamic small city of 120,000 people. The city intends to be seen as a smart, sustainable and inclusive place in which to live and work, capable of competing with other cities globally. It plans to achieve this goal by combining hard infrastructure, social capital, including local skills and community institutions, and (digital) technologies.

Read Cork's Replication Plan to learn more about how Cork plan to achieve its goals.

Needs Assessment

Cork is a rapidly growing city and wishes to mitigate the negative side effects of such rapid urbanisation while embracing the opportunities offered by modern technology. Increasing citizen expectations are a significant driving force, in terms of the quality of interaction with government and access to information and services.

12 Smart Solutions

Click on the headings below to find out which of the 12 Smart Solutions Cork works to replicate:

More information

As a follower city within Growsmarter, Cork works with Stockholm, Cologne and Barcelona to:

  • Encourage sustainable economic development
  • Facilitate job creation
  • Increase citizen involvement and participation
  • Increase resource efficiency
  • Improve quality of life and services
  • Provide an attractive environment for all

Aidan O'Riordan is leading the replication process for Cork.