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29 February 2016

Barcelona blog#2: Speedy charging stations – only 20 mins!

We have been busy over the last few months installing fast charging stations across the City to make it quicker and easier for electric vehicle users to get about.

We are also installing a tool in over 200 dwellings for citizens to monitor their electricity consumption via their smartphone, tablet or computer, at any time, in any place. 

Action area 1: Low energy districts

Introducing the Wi-beee, helping residents save energy

To see all the measures to be implemented, click here.

Over 200 dwellings in Barcelona have signed up for installation of a consumption analyser Wi-beee. The Wi-beee is a unit that monitors and gathers electrical data with the purpose of helping consumers better manage their energy consumption. Once it is installed, the device converts the measured parameters into information that is sent via a Wi-Fi wireless connection.

Like Cologne and Stockholm we have a number of other measures which would ideally be rolled out in an integrated way, however the exact location has yet to be finalised together with our citizens. Our citizen consultation is ongoing and as soon as we have some more updates we will share this with you.

Action area 3: Sustainable Urban Mobility

Speedy charging stations – only 20 mins!

To see all the measures to be implemented, click here.

Over the last few months, Endesa and Barcelona Council have worked together to install fast charging stations in strategic places across the city to encourage take-up of electric vehicles, which can now be charged in only 20 minutes.

This speedy charging service is thanks to new technology, developed by Endesa, called Fast Charge Station (FASTO) or Fast Together. FASTO has a maximum power of 50 kW DC which allows electric vehicles (EVs) to gain an additional 60 kilometres of range in a charge of only 10 minutes. The unique design of FASTO means it can be installed quickly and integrated into all kinds of urban environments. It can be used for both private vehicles and city-owned fleets.

Three connector types currently used in the market (CCS-Combo), CHAdeMO and AC Mode 3 charging protocols are combined into one module optimising its functionality and compatibility with all EV equipped with fast charge system.

FASTO’s simple human interface is designed to improve usability and interaction between the user and the fast charger. In addition, the charger can be managed remotely and integrated into e-mobility systems which are in place across the city. Currently, four out of five fast charge points have been installed.

By connecting up a network of fast charging stations across the city we can work towards providing a continually better service for EV users in Barcelona. The chargers are able to collect a range of performance indicators and direct user feedback e.g.where the best location is for installing these fast chargers, how they work, any additional services which may be desired, possible improvements to explore etc.

At the same time, we can keep track of the monthly electricity charged or the number of charging events per year and calculate the reduction of CO2 emission in Barcelona as a result of EVs and electric charging.

Joan Blanco

Site Manager, Barcelona

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