GrowSmarter Story

Barcelona pool refurbishment is ‘use case of the month’ for smart cities

The smart cities platform BABLE has recognised the energy efficient refurbishment implemented by the GrowSmarter partner Naturgy in Barcelona as their use case of the month for July.

The refurbishment covered more than 10,500 m2 of tertiary floor in Barcelona, including a sports centre with a swimming pool. The pool was completely insulated as part of GrowSmarter, and an innovative dehumidifier was installed that recovers heat from the dehumidification process in order to heat incoming air.

GrowSmarter's Project Manager Lisa Enarsson is pleased with the Barcelona use case being highlighted by BABLE:

“The smart cities community is strongest when we share the best solutions, and that’s exactly what GrowSmarter is working to do. The refurbishment in Barcelona is a good example of a solution that has not only proven to be innovative, but also saves energy, creates green jobs and improves life for the everyday users,” she says.

At Naturgy, Milagros Rey Porto, new business promotion smart client responsible, is welcoming the attention attracted by their solution:

"The refurbishment has been an insightful project where a number of challenges both technical and social have been successfully overcome. Naturgy sees a great potential in the refurbishment of tertiary buildings, where the combination of measures with long and short payback periods makes the project financially viable. Swimming pools heated electrically have a great potential for demand response services in the context of providing balance to the grid," she says.

You can read more about the Barcelona swimming pool refurbishment at BABLE’S platform for smart cities or in the GrowSmarter Factsheet.

You can find other use cases from our three Lighthouse cities Barcelona, Stockholm and Cologne, or from other smart city projects funded by Horizon 2020, at BABLE’s website.