Porto's Vision

Porto would like to develop into a responsive city which shapes public policy and services to meet the ever-evolving needs of its citizens. The city has an overarching target of reducing CO2 emissions by 45% against 2004 levels by 2020 and is planning to use the Smart Solutions to improve quality of life while reducing emissions within the city.

As a follower city within GrowSmarter, Porto works with Stockholm, Cologne and Barcelona to:

  • Improve energy savings in residential areas
  • Increase the number of Zero sites in the city to more than 60
  • Develop new waste management infrastructures to convert more waste into energy
  • Increase the percentage of green cars in the city fleet to 70%

Read Porto's Replication Plan to learn more about how the city plans to achieve its goals.



Needs Assessment

The District of Campanhã is an important historical area in the east of the city. Home to 32, 659 people, this former industrial zone is in need of redevelopment to meet the requirements of its inhabitants.

Particular difficulties identified in this area include:

  • Congestion and air pollution
  • Water pollution
  • Social difficulties

12 Smart Solutions

Click on the headings below to find out which of the 12 Smart Solutions Porto focuses on replicating:

More information

Paulo Filipe Gonçalves Calçada is leading the replication process for Porto.

Email: paulo.calcada@portodigital.pt

Read about how GrowSmarter joined the second edition of Hackacity, which took place simultaneously in several cities across the world and was part of the Start & Scale Week 2016, promoted by the City of Porto through the ScaleUp Porto strategy.

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